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Who is this Life Saving Visionary?
And What Is her "Life Changing" Mission?
Denise Krochta
About Denise

Denise, who has had addicts in her life most of her adult life, moved into crisis mode when she discovered that her teenage son was addicted to prescription drugs along with alcohol and street drugs. Hers is a story of discovery and recovery. Her career in International business took her to places around the globe where meeting people and learning their values and traditions has become an integral part of her life. As well, this social problem spans the globe.

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Millions of us know the chaos that occurs in the daily lives of those who love addicts and alcoholics. Do we know fear, frustration, anxiety, distraction, depression? These become our lives. Focus? What does that even mean?

The plan that worked for the author, as she says “to get about 85% of my life back” is a simple plan. This plan is her contribution to hope, peace, and serenity for those who live in the midst of this chaos called addiction.

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